Image Analysis

3 workstations of high processing power computers for image analysis and processing.

The computers contain commercial and open access software:

  • Imaris (Bitplane), ver. 9.8.2; modules included: Core, MeasurementPro, Coloc, Vantage, TrackLineage, Filament Tracer, Cell, and XT.
  • Imaris (Bitplane), ver. 7.6.5; modules included: Core, Cell and XT.

Imaris is an interactive visualization and analysis software for 3D and time-lapse microscopic images. The software generates a variety of quantitative information, plotting and statistical analysis along with high quality snapshots and animations for presentations and publications.

  • NeuroInfo (mbf Bioscience) ver. 2021.1.4.

NeuroInfo is an interactive visualization and analysis software which performs brain-wide analyses of cells and biochemical markers, and automatically categorizes them in neuroanatomical regions. Uses advanced deep learning methods to automatically delineate regions in the brain accordingly to Allen mouse brain atlas and map the detected cells to each of the of its 2500 brain structures. Suitable for sections cut in any orientation and imaged with brightfield, widefield fluorescence or confocal microscopy.

  • BrainMaker (mbf Bioscience) ver. 

BrainMaker generates automatically high-resolution 3D volume reconstructions from serial sections imaged with whole slide scanners and microscopes. Suitable for sections imaged with widefield fluorescence, confocal or lightsheet microscopy.

  • ImageJ/Fiji

Open-source platform for biological image (3D/4D) processing and analysis. It can display, edit, analyze, and process many image formats.,

  • NIS Elements (Nikon)

Universal software platform for all Nikon devices for image acquisition, analysis, visualization and data sharing.