Quorum Q150R ES Coater

An automatic rotary pumped coating system, suited for scanning electron microscopy (SEM) specimen preparation, when conductive thin film (representative of the surface topography) coating is required. The film coating inhibit charging, reduces thermal damage, and enhance secondary electron emission.

The instrument is fully adaptable to a wide range of specimens and offers easy loading and unloading of samples. The changeover between sputtering and evaporation inserts is simple.  The  system  is  fully  automated  with  a  user  defined  profile controlling  the  pumping sequence, preheating, outgassing, the time and number of evaporation/sputter bursts, and the current used during the process. It is equipped with a film thickness monitor (FTM), which  measures  the coating  thickness  on  a  crystal  in  the  chamber,  to  control  the  coating  applied  to  the sample.


Coating inserts

  1. Sputter for noble metals coating (gold, palladium)
  2. Carbon rod evaporator for carbon coating